• Vintage booklet - Rules for mahjong

Vintage booklet - Rules for mahjong


Booklet of rules for mahjong from the early 60s.

Size: A6 (14.8H x 10.5W)
Length: 25 pages

Mahjong is a much beloved entertainment in Hong Kong. The carvings on the hand-carved Mahjong are much deeper and distinct while the machine-carved counterparts are more rigid and less lively. The materials used for hand-carved Mahjong are usually of better quality so they will break less easily, and customers can also personalise the size, material and colours of the Mahjong according to their own preferences.

Supplier: Cheung Shun King
Mahjong tile artisan and the owner of “Biu Kee Mahjong”. Cheung Shun King (Master King) inherited the career and the shop from his grandfather and father. He has been in the industry for over 40 years, and to this day he still insists to keep the store opened daily, providing Mahjong made of quality materials and delicate carvings. Besides the traditional Mahjong, Master King also carves personalised words or pictures onto Mahjong tiles for customers.