• Red-white-blue tote bag (Handmade)
  • Red-white-blue tote bag (Handmade)

Red-white-blue tote bag (Handmade)


Handmade canvas bag with classic red-white-blue fabric.

Size: 18cmH x 27cmW x 13cmD

*Since this is a handcrafted product, the actual product may slightly differ in size and colour.

There was a large number of wooden houses in Hong Kong back in the 50s. In the face of heavy rain or typhoon, residents would use the tough and light red-white-blue fabric to cover their roofs. In the 70s and 80s, Hong Kongers often brought gifts and daily commodities to mainland China to visit their families. The red-white-blue fabric was then used to create plastic bags to accommodate the needs of Hong Kongers.
Wah Ngai Canvas
Established by Lee Wah, the Father of Red-White-Blue, hand-making red-white-blue bags since 1954. As the red-white-blue nylon fabric is light, water-resistant and durable, it was immensely popular among Hong Kongers in the 70s and 80s. In recent years, since fewer people are buying these large red-white-blue luggage bags, Mr. Lee has designed a series of smaller bags, so this nostalgic product would better meet the needs of the younger generation while still maintaining its Hong Kong spirit.