• Minibus sign keychain- Have a magical day!

Minibus sign keychain- Have a magical day!


Hong Kong public light bus Chinese calligraphy sign with Cantonese slang.

Product size: 4.1cmH x 5.7cmW

Calligraphy signs with red and blue words informing passengers the destination and fare. In 1984, the government approved the installation of air conditioning in minibuses, which directly increased the demand for minibuses as well as minibus signs. In recent years, the demand has declined, thus turning the handicraft into a sunset business. Minibus signs indeed reflect the unique culture of minibus in Hong Kong and change of era.

Craftsman: Mak Kam Sang
The last minibus sign-writer in Hong Kong. He has been in the industry for over 30 years, and is passionate about promoting the vanishing culture of “red vans”. Apart from the traditional signs and common minibus wordings, Master Mak also keeps up with the trend by writing slangs or trendy greetings on other products including key chains to draw the public’s attention to the minibus culture.