Wood Carving Workshop

An ancient art in China widely applied to furniture and architectural ornament. The handicraft has developed into four major streams due to different varieties of culture, materials and carving styles. The carving skill of “Kwok Kee Wood Ware Sculpture” comes from Dongyang, the hometown of wood carving. The hand-carved goods they produced are extremely and much more refined and lifelike when compared to those repeating patterns carved by machines.

Tutor: Kwok Yat Bin (Master Kwok’s nephew as assistant)

Wood carver and the owner of “Kwok Kee Wood Ware Sculpture”. Born in Dongyang in the province of Zhejiang, Master Kwok is the 5th generation of a family with a long history in creating wooden architectural ornaments and furniture. He has been engaged in the art for 40 years and is experienced in carving ceremonial items, such as statues of Buddha and ancestral tablets. His specialty is Chinese calligraphy carving.

Workshop details
- Introduce Eldage and the history of wood carving
- Master Kwok shares his own experiences and stories in the industry
- Demonstrate wood carving techniques
- Each participant can carve 1 wooden door sign / cup coaster
  *May explore other wood carving workshops

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: 15-60


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