Chinese Seal Carving Workshop

Chinese seal carving is an ancient art that combines calligraphy and engraving. The golden era of seal carving in Hong Kong dates back to the 1900s. Back then, most people could not read or write, and they had to stamp their signatures on official documents. They used name chops to receive wages or when picking up packages at the post office.


Tutor: Ng Kam Chuen
With over 40 years of seal carving experience, the store owner of Chop Alley, Master Ng has seen the rise and fall of the industry. His creation has also been printed on Standard Chartered’s banknote.

Workshop details
- Introduce Eldage and the history of seal carving
- Master Ng shares his own experiences and stories in the industry
- Demonstrate seal carving techniques
- Each participant can carve 1 seal (includes a stamp pad and carving knife)

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: 15-25


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