Team Building Activities

At Eldage’s workshops, apart from making traditional handicrafts with your own hands, you can also learn about the history and stories of the handicrafts and interact with the masters, thus adding more meaning to staff activities!

Handwritten Minibus Sign Workshop
Use your creativity and write your own minibus signs and keychains, such as expressing your heartfelt wishes for family, friends and dreams.

Hand-carved Mahjong Workshop

Engrave name or pattern on the Mahjong tiles.  A team has once collaborated to engrave on 14 tiles to achieve a winning hand, to express the idea of "no one gets left behind or forgotten".

Seal Carving Workshop
You can choose to engrave different calligraphy texts.  A beautiful seal box is provided.

Sugar Painting Workshop
Get to know sugar art, and draw different sugar painting patterns and texts, such as names, cartoons, organization logos, etc.

Mini Flower Plaque Workshop
Use traditional bamboo strips to make a mini flower plaque, and write greetings and words of encouragement.

Traditional Banquet
Savour traditional gourmet food at a gathering, and get to know the little stories of nostalgic dishes.

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