Neon Sign Production Guided Tour

Hong Kong’s rapid economic growth in the 1960s led to shops getting unique neon signs to attract customers’ attention. This led to the most glorious days of the neon sign industry - 400 craftsmen had to design, bend, mount and install many signs daily. The words and symbols of the signs were the perfect display of the beauty of Chinese calligraphy and has since became a unique view of Hong Kong.


Tutor: Wu Chi Kai
One of the remaining neon sign craftsmen in Hong Kong. Master Wu has been in this industry over 30 years, and used to work in the largest neon light company, Nam Wah, in Hong Kong. Besides typical neon signs for advertising purpose, Master Hu also makes other artistic 3D or calligraphy designs.

Workshop details
- Introduce Eldage and the history of neon signs
- Master Wu shares his own experiences and stories in the industry
- Randomly pick a participant*, and demonstrate the process of making a neon sign based on his/her design
- Participants can try part of the demonstration
*The selected participant can get the demo neon sign

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: 12

Location: Kwai Chung (in Master Wu’s workshop)


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