Making of Chinese Peanut Brittle Guide Tour

One of Hong Kong's traditional sweets, made from sugar, maltose and flour. The peanut brittles commonly seen in Hong Kong are based on Chaozhou peanut brittles as prototypes, but with less lard and other seasonings to make them healthier. The major types are "Lum Tong" (which literally means “pour candy”, i.e. hot syrup is poured onto the peanuts; and when they are cool and set, they are cut into pieces.) and peanut brittles which need to be stir-fried and mixed well with spatulas. Handmade peanut brittles are full of texture, and soft yet crispy.  However, as their production process is time-consuming and it is not easy to control the extent of heating, they are becoming less common in Hong Kong.

Tutor: Wong Kwong Pang (Jason)
Handmade peanut brittle master, the second-generation owner of the well-established traditional confectionery store "Kei O" in Yuen Long. Jason followed his father to help in the store. Noting that there were fewer and fewer stores selling local handmade peanut brittles, he did not want this handicraft to become extinct. After graduating from university, he decided to take over the family business. As the current person-in-charge, Jason has always adhered to Kei O’s guiding principle over the years - using high-quality peanuts and traditional processing procedures, hoping to let more people get to know Hong Kong-style tastiness.

Tour details
- Introduce Eldage and the history of peanut brittles
- Jason shares his own experiences and stories in the industry
- Explain and demonstrate techniques of making peanut brittles
- Participants can try to partake in part of the production process, such as blending and cutting peanut brittles
*Each participant can get 1 box of Kei O assorted peanut brittles 

Duration: 1.5 hours

Number of participants: 14


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