Chinese Paper Cutting Art Workshop

The art of paper cutting is one of the oldest Chinese folk arts. It is a kind of openwork art. Usually, the artworks are associated with daily life and festivities, and animals, plants or scenes would also be used as different metaphors such as presenting lotus and carp together to symbolise continuous years of surpluses. In the past, paper cutting was a handicraft that every woman needed to master, and one of the criteria used to evaluate a good daughter-in-law.

Tutor: Li Yun Xia
Famous paper cutting artist, National High Class Artist, with artistic achievements recorded in authoritative publications such as the "Who's Who in the World" (Chinese Volume) and "List of Chinese Folk Celebrities". Ms Li has more than 40 years of experience in paper cutting. Her works have won many awards in international competitions, and she has participated in cultural exchanges in paper cutting art in the United States, Britain, France, etc.

Workshop details
- Introduce Eldage and the history of Chinese paper cutting art
- Ms Li shares her own experiences and stories in the art
- Explain and demonstrate Chinese paper cutting techniques
- Participants can learn to draw design sketches and cut different patterns

2 hours

Number of participants: 20-25

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