Chinese Paper Crafting (Zhizha) Workshop

Zhizha, a type of traditional paper craft used mainly to create offerings for religious ceremonies. The colourful and intricate lion heads which are commonly seen in celebrations of traditional Chinese festivals are also crafted with the method of Zhizha. In the past, differently-coloured lion heads had their respective meanings. For example, the colour black connotes the famous military officer Zhang Fei, hence a great fighting spirit is presented with a black lion head. 


Tutor: Hui Ka Hung
One of the youngest and greatest masters of paper crafting technique, specialises in lion head. By the age of 11, Master Hui had made his first lion head and he has not stopped since then. In 2017, he was invited to the United States to collaborate with local artists to co-create outdoor Zhizha display. He also worked with different commercial and academic partners to promote the art of Zhizha.

Workshop details
- Introduce Eldage and the history of Zhizha and lion head making
- Master Hui shares his own experiences and stories in the industry
- Demonstrate Zhizha techniques
- Each participant can make 1 Zhizha lantern

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: 20


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