• Mini-flower plaque DIY kit
  • Mini-flower plaque DIY kit
  • Mini-flower plaque DIY kit

Mini-flower plaque DIY kit


Traditional Chinese blessing flower plaque DIY kit. You can use gold or silver marker to write blessing message on it!

Flower plaque is Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage. A traditional folk handicraft made of bamboo, bamboo strips, flowers, fabric and plastics. It is built for both celebrations, such as festivals, wedding and openings, as well as funeral affairs. The former adopts red and bright colours while the latter is mainly in white, black and blue. From the choice of colours to the use of Chinese blessings and calligraphy, flower plaque indeed attaches great importance to Chinese etiquette and carries traditional cultural values.

Tutor: Wong Lai Chung
Master Wong is a flower plaque artisan for over 30 years. He has been looking for ways to promote the handicrafts. Apart from setting up a Facebook page, he has also designed a Mini Flower Plaque Set to let the new generation have a try on the art. Master Wong’s artwork has been showcased in MTR and West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre.